Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching up... Random Ramblings.

It's been forever since I have blogged anything, and after receiving an e-mail from my cousin about her new blog, I realized I've left the few people that are actually following me hanging. Sorry guys. Anyway, a lot has changed since last time I blogged.

For starters, Phil and I have moved into our very first house just outside of Houston and we are busily trying to get everything the way we want it. Oh how I wish we could wave our magic wands and fix everything... paint, furniture, that bathroom door handle that keeps falling off... but those are little things that Phil and I will gradually fix over time (starting with the door handle).

I've decided that because I finally have a house, and the room, I am going to plant a vegetable and herb garden. Right now it consists of 3 pots and a whisky barrel in the back yard filled with a couple tomato plants, some peppers and some basil. But you have to start somewhere.

I've restarted Weight Watchers again and I think it's true... 3rd time's the charm! I've lost about 5 pounds and I'm gradually working my way back down to my pre-wedding weight. It's been a challange and I've definitely had some hard weeks but over all my head is in a good place and things are going well.

School is ending soon and I'm looking forward to what time I will have for summer vacation... Unfortunately (or fortunately) I need the money and will hopefully be working summer school. That means another 3 weeks before summer truly begins. It will be good to have the cash and know that I'm helping out somewhere.

After summer school is done I will be working at Drake University for about 3 weeks doing SuperCamp. I'll be in a new position this year and I'm looking forward to what that has in store. Summer will be busy as always as I will be heading out to Washington satae soon after camp to visit my parents at their new place.

Krissy will be joining me down here in Texas next fall ast a graduate student at Texas A&M and I'm looking forward to having her around. We've always had that sort of "sibling rivlery" relationship since we have not lived together since I was in high school 8 years ago, so I'm hoping now that we're both in very different places in our lives that we will grow to be better friends as well as better sisters.

All in all, things are going very well for me right now, and I promise it won't be that long before I blog again! :)

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  1. Jen, you're the sweetest. I adore you so so much! Post pics of the house, I would love to see the gorgeous place.